Annual Report 2012/2013


The Community Restorative Centre Inc. (CRC) is the leading charity in NSW dedicated to supporting people affected by the criminal justice system.

This year’s Annual Report aims to highlight some of the challenges our clients, and the people who work with them, face. People with an intellectual disability and/or cognitive impairment are significantly over-represented in the criminal justice system.

This is highlighted in our Annual Report by the contributions of our Patron Michael Kirby, Professor Eileen Baldry, Jamie Berry, Mr Phillip Snoyman (Director of State-wide Disability Service CSNSW), Ms Natalie Mamone (Director of the Community Justice Program ADHC) and Mr Patrick McGee (Indefinite Detention of Aboriginal People with an Intellectual Disability Campaign).

At CRC, we are proud but never complacent and across all our programs continue to have a very low return to prison rate after one year. This has been achieved despite the fact we take on clients with the most challenging of circumstances who demonstrate the capacity to change when provided with the right kind of support.

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