CRC Annual Report 2013-2014

CRC Annual Report 13-14

Annual Report 2012/2013


The Community Restorative Centre Inc. (CRC) is the leading charity in NSW dedicated to supporting people affected by the criminal justice system.

This year’s Annual Report aims to highlight some of the challenges our clients, and the people who work with them, face. People with an intellectual disability and/or cognitive impairment are significantly over-represented in the criminal justice system.

This is highlighted in our Annual Report by the contributions of our Patron Michael Kirby, Professor Eileen Baldry, Jamie Berry, Mr Phillip Snoyman (Director of State-wide Disability Service CSNSW), Ms Natalie Mamone (Director of the Community Justice Program ADHC) and Mr Patrick McGee (Indefinite Detention of Aboriginal People with an Intellectual Disability Campaign).

At CRC, we are proud but never complacent and across all our programs continue to have a very low return to prison rate after one year. This has been achieved despite the fact we take on clients with the most challenging of circumstances who demonstrate the capacity to change when provided with the right kind of support.

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Annual Report 2011/2012


The past 12 months have seen a continued expansion of our services with our team of staff now reaching over 60 (equivalent full time) working across seven sites.

Our experience on the ground gives us unrivalled insight into the issues that negatively impact on our clients, the challenges they face, their risk of offending and re-offending and the impact of their offending on their families and communities. This insight informs our innovative service delivery, our pragmatic voice when advocating for our clients and contributions to policy debates.

Our positive outcomes highlighted in this year’s report demonstrate the capacity of people to change when provided with the right kind of support.

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Annual Report 2010/2011


Fittingly for our 60th year of operation, the past year has seen substantial growth for the organisation.

Our staff have nearly doubled in number, increasing from 31 to 55. Our services have expanded to include increased transitional support to men and women in the Greater Western Sydney Region and Broken Hill; intensive support programs in the Sydney and Hunter Regions for people with intellectual disabilities and offending behaviours; increased training and capacity building programs for government and non-government stakeholders; increased support to families and children of prisoners through the development of the new “Hearts Inside” training program; and the increased accessibility of the Jailbreak Health Project Radio Program “Jailbreak’ via the national community radio network CRN...

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Annual Report 2009/2010


The best part of being the CEO of CRC is that I am working in an area that I feel very passionate about and I have the opportunity to be part of an organisation that can deliver practical services that really make a difference. It’s never boring and is extremely fulfilling.

The worst part of being the CEO of CRC is a tough question. I think it would have to be putting in many hours of work with staff writing funding submissions for projects that we believe to be essential only to be knocked back ...

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Annual Report 2008/2009


The incredible achievements of our clients over the past year continue to demonstrate that goals can be achieved, lives changed and offending reduced with the support of skilled and committed workers.

CRC staff work to create new opportunities for those affected by the criminal justice system. In partnership with their clients, staff strive to increase access to essential services, assist in developing life skills and relieve the causes and effects of physical and psychological ill health, family stress and breakdown.

Through encouragement, support, creating a sense of belonging and a belief that things can be different, we believe that people can increase their sense of self worth and can contribute to society rather than offend against it.

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Annual Report 2007/2008


This year’s report aims to illustrate the innovative ways in which we have worked to fulfil our mission and perform beyond expectations. It remains the aim of CRC to positively change the lives of people affected by the criminal justice system, reduce crime, and tackle the underlying social causes of offending and re-offending.We are able to achieve this difficult task with carefully designed and targeted programs, in conjunction with intensive and compassionate support.

Over the last year, 121 ex-prisoners were supported with long term intensive transitional and accommodation support, 154 families were supported via the casework service, 1490 families were transported to Correctional Centres to visit loved ones. CRC provided 589 occasions of Intake Support to clients requiring over 30 minutes of service and assisted 60,000 people in NSWcourts.

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Annual Report 2006/2007


Over the past twelve months CRC has continued its commitment to Changing Lives and Reducing Crime.

Amongst our many achievements, the CRC Transitional Programs have provided intensive long-term casework to 79 people with only 6% returning to prison. The Accommodation Service housed 69 individuals, assisting them to move into independent long-term accommodation with only 13% returning to custody.

CRC has assisted more than 400 families through direct service delivery, linked 17 mentors with mentees and assisted 1,716 people to travel to country correctional centres to visit friends or family members. The Court Support Scheme has provided assistance in the courts to over 48,000 individuals, and via its Intake service ...

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Annual Report 2005/2006


Our organisation has demonstrated its flexibility in meeting new challenges, without sacrificing our commitment to our core objectives.

That we have continued to meet the increasing demand for our services, is unquestionably attributable to the guidance of our Board, the dedication of our staff, and the commitment of our volunteers, our stakeholders and our clients.

Whilst still providing direct assistance to thousands of people, this year CRC has focused on increased capacity-building strategies through training, the development of resources and through consultancy expertise. Our services continue to be enhanced by our partnership with a diverse range of government and non-government organisations.

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