We Help Ex-Prisoners

Transitional Support - Activating Change

Life for ex-prisoners can be extremely difficult. Many experience problems with housing, employment, finances, relationships, drugs and alcohol and mixing with other people.

CRC can help people resettle into communities by providing direct services as listed under our Services section on this site. Ex-prisoners are also welcome to call CRC to discuss resettlement issues any time after their release.

CRC provides support services to people making the stressful transition from prison to the wider community. We aim to reduce the incidence of people re-offending and returning to prison. We provide three months of pre-release support and information to prisoners. The program also operates for up to one year after release and can help with employment, health, finances, housing, identification, and debt issues.

There are also a number of organisations that can provide help and support over the long-term or in crisis situations.

Resource List for Ex-Prisoners

List of Community Health Centres Download Here (PDF 173KB)
Emergency Food List, Sydney Download Here (PDF 16KB)
Getting Around - Transport Download Here (PDF 8KB)
Housing and Accommodation Download Here (PDF 46KB)
Material Aid List Download Here (PDF 22KB)
Prisoners Aid Download Here (PDF 25KB)
Support Lines, Adolescent Detoxification / Rehabilitation and Others Download Here (PDF 47KB)
Getting Medical Treatment Download Here (PDF 66KB)
Centrelink Crisis Payment Download Here (PDF 840KB)
Public Housing Information Visit Housing NSW

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