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The families and friends of prisoners are often as invisible to the outside world, as the people they know who are serving time. They constitute a unique group as whilst they are not prisoners, they are also not completely ‘outside’ the prison system. They are often entwined with the police, the courts and Corrective Services and they frequently spend a considerable amount of time travelling to and from correctional centres in order to spend time with their person inside.

Imprisonment affects families socially, emotionally and materially. Family members often describe feeling that they are serving a sentence along with the inmate. Partners and families of people in prison have to negotiate a complex range of changed circumstances whilst their loved one is in custody and a whole new set of challenges when their person is released.

When somebody goes to prison, it can be an extremely traumatic time for those left behind. Whether you’re a partner, parent, friend or other relative, life can become very difficult emotionally, financially and socially. Knowing where to get information, how to get help and assistance Can be very confusing.

CRC Family Support Service can ease these troubled times by providing information, advice and support to families from the courts through to release. We’re never more than a phone call away.

Child Support Centrelink Information

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Arrested or Jailed Overseas

SHINE for Kids - Supporting children whose parents are imprisoned in NSW

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