The Miranda Project - Advisory Group

Miranda Project Advisory Group Terms of Reference

The Miranda Project is an initiative of the Corrective Services NSW Women’s Advisory Council.  Administration of the Project rests with the Community Restorative Centre while the Council maintains oversight responsibility. The Project aims to develop models for providing holistic services to support women in the criminal justice system to address issues contributing to their offending behaviour. The Miranda Project aims to serve as an alternative to custody, similar to women’s centres in the UK.

Purpose of the Advisory Group

Miranda Project Advisory Group has two main purposes. The first is to provide expert advice to the Project team at all stages and on all aspects of the Project. The Project team consists of a part-time Project Director and part-time Project Coordinator under the management of the CEO of the Community Restorative Centre. A fixed-term Program Developer position completes the team. The second purpose is to promote the Project through dissemination of information about its aims, progress and opportunities for engagement.


Includes but is not limited to:

  • The initial Project funders
  • Community Restorative Centre (Chair)
  • CSNSW Women’s Advisory Council
  • NSW Chief Magistrate’s Office
  • Corrective Services NSW
  • Women in Prison Advocacy Network
  • UNSW School of Social Sciences


The Advisory Group has been meeting since the commencement of the Project at approximately two monthly intervals.

Executive Support

The Project Team provides regular progress reports to the Group.

Miranda Project Advisory Group Membership 2016

  Alison Churchill (Chair)   Executive Officer
  Community Restorative Centre
  Catherine Brennan   Director Women’s Justice Network
  Dr Eileen Baldry UNSW   Interim Dean and Professor of Criminology
  School of Social Sciences University of NSW 
  Jenna Bateman   CEO Mental Health Coordinating Council
  Chair CSNSW Women’s Advisory Council 
  Carly Stanley   Senior Project Officer
Corrective Services Aboriginal Strategy & Policy Unit
  Margaret Crowley   Manager, Lou’s Place (Kings Cross)
  Kelly-Anne Stewart   A/Principal Advisor Women Offenders
  Corrective Services NSW 
  Rick Pratley   Manager, City Office
  Community Corrections
  Denele Crozier   Executive Officer
  Women’s Health NSW
  Justice Elizabeth Evatt   Community Justice Coalition
  Dr Ruth McCausland   Research Fellow
  School of Social Sciences University of NSW
  Her Honour Jane Mottley   Deputy Chief Magistrate NSW Local Court
  Member CSNSW Women’s Advisory Council 
  Ann Symonds   Patron CSNSW Mothers and Children’s Program
  Patron SHINE For Kids
  Previous Chair CSNSW Women’s Advisory Council 
  Sally Trevena   Deputy Chair
  CSNSW Women’s Advisory Council