Disability Support

The Community Restorative Centre supports people with disabilities across all of our transitional, reintegration, housing and AOD projects.

CRC recognises that many people in the criminal justice system have disabilities and that finding the right support both inside and outside of prison can be extremely challenging. Although CRC has in the past operated accommodation and support services specifically for people with disabilities, these services are no longer operational.

CRC currently operates an NDIS pathways project which works closely with the Additional Support Unit at Long Bay, and with multiple stakeholders across the community to try and improve access to the NDIS and community based services for people with disabilities and criminal justice system involvement.

CRC is also very involved in advocating for the rights of people with disabilities in the criminal justice system, particularly with regard to the frequently reduced service provision people with disabilities are receiving under the NDIS.

More information about CRC’s position on this can be found HERE.