Transition Support

Transitional and Reintegration Support for Muslim People on Release from Prison

The project will work holistically with people on release from prison to reduce crime and recidivism by providing specialist and intensive reintegration support. People leaving prison require support to build strong community pathways out of the criminal justice system. This Muslim specific support will target individual support at the high-risk release period, but importantly will work holistically to strengthen family and community ties during incarceration in preparation for release into the community.

The transitional component of this project will draw on the expertise of existing CRC reintegration programs and will utilise its intensive case-management model which incorporates pre-release engagement as a key case-work strategy with imprisoned populations. The project will also draw on the expertise of the Muslim community in building culturally meaningful pathways for men and women who require assistance in changing their lives following imprisonment. The Community Restorative Centre and Locked Out are working closely to secure funds for the implementation of this part of the project.