Post-Release Music & Arts

Songbirds: Ballads Behind Bars

The CRC Post-Release Music & Arts project provides songwriting and arts workshops inside select NSW prisons and provides community based workshops for people at risk of criminal justice system involvement. The project engages professional songwriters and artists to support, teach and mentor people in prison, and on release, and partners with other music and arts providers to facilitate access.

The Post-Release Music and Arts project works to:

  • Develop unique creative opportunities for vulnerable populations who have frequently been unable to access mainstream opportunities
  • Create meaningful community pathways after prison for people with long histories of disadvantage
  • Facilitate the development of identity and sense of belonging outside of criminal justice settings
  • Facilitate paid work opportunities in creative industries
  • Reduce social isolation and other risk factors that frequently contribute to ongoing criminal justice system involvement
  • Make really beautiful art and music.

This service has been supported by the City of Sydney and the Thyne Reid Foundation.

For more information, please call us on (02) 9288 8700 or contact us.

Listen and purchase tunes from the first Songbirds: Ballads Behind Bars album: