Reggie's Story


Reggie is a young First Nations man with a partner and an 8-month-old daughter. He has a major offence including assault on his record and reports to parole weekly while on a two-year good behaviour bond. Reggie is family-orientated, and a great sportsman. He plays for the local rugby league club and many kids and supporters look up to him.

Reggie had a very good upbringing, with both parents supporting him from childhood. After finishing high school he received accolades for his rugby league playing and participated in a tour to Fiji with an Australian schoolboys side. On his return he attended college in Brisbane before moving home to Far West NSW to be closer to family. Due to boredom, Reggie started to drink every day with friends. It was not unusual for them to binge-drink for days, which finally led to his charges for major assault.

A few months ago Reggie was referred to CRC for help with these issues. Since then he has been on the right path and abiding by his parole orders. He also received a few months’ work labouring and renovating local housing for teachers. This gave him a great sense of pride as he supports his young family.

Reggie enjoys cultural activities, such as fishing, hunting, gathering and going out bush, and reconnecting with land, community and culture. Within the last few months he has also been engaging with CRC’s Men’s Shed gatherings. Reggie has said that the support provided by CRC and others helps break down barriers and lowers the risk of people reoffending and going back to prison.