About The Miranda Project

mirandaproject-logo-300dpi-smallThe Miranda Project is an innovative, gender specific approach to crime prevention targeting women with complex needs who are at risk of offending and reoffending. It aims to do this through the establishment of a holistic inclusive support service.

The Project is an initiative of the Corrective Services Women’s Advisory Council and a project of the CRC. Modelled on women’s centres in the UK that have been evaluated and found to have remarkably positive impacts on women’s lives, the Miranda Project is a first for NSW and Australia.

The service will assist women to desist from offending, function as a diversionary program and provide post-release support for those returning to the community.

The Miranda Project is:

  • A pre-sentence option for women on bail
  • A community based sentencing option
  • A post-release condition of parole
  • Ongoing support following sentence completion

The three Project pillars are:

1. The Miranda Program

Designed as a diversionary option, the Miranda Program offers support and guidance across identified areas of risk/need such as alcohol and other drugs misuse, financial support and attitude/emotional self-regulation.

Participants in the Miranda Program will

  • address factors underlying offending behaviour
  • gain resilience to break from a cycle of reoffending
  • make positive connections and engage in positive activity to become a productive member of the community.

The Project is in partnership with four women’s health and support services and a pilot study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the Program commenced in mid-2016. Once evaluated and reviewed, it is envisaged that Women’s Health Centres and other appropriate services across NSW will be empowered to become licensed providers of the Program, making it available to more women as a diversionary option and a support service to reduce reoffending.

Click here to view a One Plus One ABC interview with Baroness Jean Corston, a British peer best known for her ground-breaking report on women in the UK prison system. The 2007 Corston Report resulted in development of a diversionary option for women to remain in the community rather than entering custody. It is this model on which the Miranda Program is based.

Click here to read an article on the disproportionate rate that we lock up women in Australia by Dr Ruth McCausland, a Research Fellow at the University of NSW, Vice-President of CRC, and a member of the Miranda Project Advisory Group.

2. The Miranda Drop-in Centre

The Miranda Project is based on successful UK models that operate as drop-in centres for any women in need in the community. In addition to providing holistic services, the centres have specific programming for women in the criminal justice system. The Miranda Drop-in Centre would model this approach. Accommodation for the Drop-in Centre is being sought, located within an area encompassing inner city Sydney and Parramatta.

3. Employment Options

Unemployment is widespread among women entering the criminal justice system, is a risk factor for reoffending and a criminal record is a further barrier to gaining employment. The Miranda Project has established a partnership with University of Sydney Business School to examine options for addressing this complex issue.

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For further information on The Miranda Project please contact us on miranda.project@crcnsw.org.au.