Advocacy, Research & Policy Unit

The Advocacy, Research & Policy Unit, also known as ARPU, provides the rigorous evidence-based foundation for all of CRC’s work, from service delivery to systemic advocacy. 

The ARPU exists to exert influence and effect systemic change to achieve better outcomes for people impacted by the criminal justice system. The lived experience of the people with whom we work, as well as CRC staff, the wider NGO sector and other academic and expert partners, informs the advocacy, research and policy work we carry out.   

Advocacy, Research & Policy Unit Background
The ARPU was formed in 2014 out of CRC’s ongoing dedication and passion for evidence-led sector reform. The CRC Board, Dr Ruth McCausland, CEO Alison Churchill and researcher Dr Mindy Sotiri were instrumental in bringing the ARPU into existence.

The ARPU was formally funded for the first time in September 2021 by the Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF). Funding from PRF provided a much-needed opportunity for growth, enabling the Unit to upscale capacity, activity and influence in relation to advocacy, research and policy.  

The ARPU is one of the five key pillars of CRC’s organisational structure, working collaboratively with leadership, service delivery and administration to ensure the organisation is constantly striving to learn, reflect and adapt.