Locked Out

Muslim Family, Community, and Post-Release Support

Locked Out provides support to Muslim communities and individuals affected by incarceration. It is a crime prevention initiative which works with both families on the outside of the prison gate, as well as those on the inside, who require assistance to turn their lives around when they are released.
The Locked Out project reduces crime, reoffending and anti-social behaviour by providing and facilitating strong casework, community support, and cultural brokerage to Muslim prisoners and their families.

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Locked Out is seeking donations to meet the enormous demand for its support and community services. Your donation will assist Locked Out transition from a small volunteer based initiative to a professional specialist organisation. This transition is being supported by CRC, the lead specialist community sector organisation in in NSW supporting families and people on release from prison. The Locked Out project seeks to raise the funds to provide the first Muslim specific holistic reintegration and family support service for Muslim communities impacted by incarceration in NSW.
Help the families of prisoners.

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When Locked Out is fully funded, it will be able to provide Casework support for Muslim families with a loved on in prison, build on important community development initiatives for those in the Muslim community affected by incarceration, and increase transitional support to Muslim people leaving prison and looking to reconnect with their communities.