Jailbreak goes live on Christmas day!

Jailbreak presents a special three hours Christmas broadcast – Live this Christmas morning on Koori Radio 93.7FM !

Tune in between 6am and 9am on Monday 25 December for a very special show, with music, shout-outs and Christmas celebrations.

You can also listen live online at www.kooriradio.com, and we welcome anyone who wants to call in during the broadcast to send out your best wishes to family and friends on the inside. Anyone can call in and participate during the live broadcast – we’ll let you know the number to call during the live show.

Or you can record a message before Christmas Day to be played during the live broadcast. If you would like to do this, please contact us or call (02) 9288 8700.

We understand how difficult Christmas Day can be for people caught up in the criminal justice system. On a day that many people spend sharing good times with family and friends, the sense of disconnection can be very difficult, especially for children. That’s why we always provide an opportunity to let you send holiday greetings and well wishes to people on the inside and let them know that you are thinking of them on this special day.

Jailbreak’s Christmas program is a special broadcast, produced by Australia’s only national weekly radio program for prisoners, families and communities outside the prison system. Jailbreak radio forms part of the Jailbreak Health Project, one of NSW Health’s innovative health projects, delivering health promotion to people affected by the criminal justice system.

Songbirds: Ballads Behind Bars

Friday, 1 December 2017
12pm – 2pm @ Redfern Community Centre


The Community Restorative Centre is very excited to welcome you to the launch of Songbirds: Ballads Behind Bars. This is a groundbreaking project which facilitates songwriting workshops in NSW prisons, as well as community music workshops for people on release from prison.

This community event will feature live music from the Songbirds prison songwriting workshop, Murray Cook, Adam Blacksmith, and special guests. Come down to hear some wonderful music and find out more about the Songbirds program. Everyone is welcome, and refreshments will also be served.

You can follow details about the event and register your interest at the Songbirds event Facebook page.

Songbirds is based on successful overseas programs which import popular contemporary songwriters and performers into prisons in order to share their skills and mentor prisoners. Participants are then offered the opportunity, on release, to continue to connect with artists and musicians in the community, as well as being guided into a wide variety of free courses and continuing studies.

Murray Cook, author and coordinator of the program, is a musician, songwriter and performer who has, over 40 years, toured internationally with bands such as Midnight Oil, Mental as Anything, Warumpi Band, Mixed Relations, and Leah Purcell. He has also taught music at Long Bay Correctional Centre for 21 years.

The Songbirds program launch is only possible with the partnership of the Redfern Community Centre, with many thanks to City of Sydney and Thyne Reid Foundation.

‘Caught Up’ – featuring The Last Kinection

Caught Up is a musical collaboration between NSW Aboriginal youth in prison and the award-winning Aboriginal hip-hop group The Last Kinection. The project delivers a creative Hepatitis C harm minimisation resource targeting Aboriginal youth, a population at high risk of exposure to Hepatitis C.

Caught Up was produced through Jailbreak, a weekly radio show produced by the Community Restorative Centre. FREE copies of the Caught Up DVD are available by contacting the Community Restorative Centre on info@crcnsw.org.au.

You can read more about Jailbreak here, and streaming shows are available on 2SER.


Notice of AGM & Board Nominations, Wednesday 15th November 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 3pm (registration from 2.30pm)
Guinness Hall, Barneys Church, 57-61 Mountain St, Ultimo.

At this year’s AGM we invite CRC members to participate in, and vote on, two significant aspects of CRC operations:

  • The transfer of CRC’s registration of as an incorporated association to a public company limited by guarantee, with consequential passing of the new Constitution;
  • Nominations to the CRC Board of Management.

Transfer of Registration

Last year CRC was contacted by NSW Fair Trading and instructed to move from being an Incorporated Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee. Incorporated Associations are designed for small organisations with budgets less than $2 million. CRC has operated at a budget that exceeds that figure for a few years now.

The process of moving to being a Company Ltd by Guarantee has amongst other things involved the development of a new Constitution – in line with the Corporations Act, and overseen by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission rather than NSW Fair Trading which currently applies. We have been working with legal firm Holman Webb to guide us through this process for the past six months or so.

Most of the changes in the Constitution do not have an impact on the day-to-day operations of the organisation. One area of change however, is the change to the membership structure (The section referring to voting and non-voting membership is under section 14, page 6).

At the next AGM, to be held on Wednesday 15th November at 3pm, all CRC members present will be invited to vote on whether to approve the transfer of registration of the Association as an incorporated association to a public company limited by guarantee, and as a consequence will pass the new Constitution.

Please read this notice of AGM, which includes more detail of the proposed changes to the legal structure of CRC, and a copy of the proposed Constitution. If you have any concerns or questions about the proposed changes please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you plan to attend our AGM, please email info@crcnsw.org.au or phone (02) 9288 8700.



Nominations to the Board of Management

We are now calling for nominations to the CRC Board of Management. There are ten positions on the Board, with eight positions consistently filled since the last AGM. It is anticipated that all of these current Board members will renominate to hold positions on the Board, leaving two positions effectively vacant.

The CRC Board of Management is a vital part of the organisation. CRC has a number of legal, financial and governance responsibilities, and all Board members are accountable for ensuring these are properly monitored and carried out. The Board is also pivotal to ensuring CRC maximises its organisational capacity. We seek Board members with a diverse range of skills who will have a strong commitment to CRC’s vision and values. The Board meets six times per year (including the AGM), generally in the evening, and Board members are expected to commit to attending and participating in all meetings. Participation in subcommittees may also be required. Board positions are voluntary positions.

If you are interested in nominating for the Board, please complete the nomination form attached here. Please note that because of impending changes in the organisation’s structure, nominations are being accepted for a one-year term only. The form will need to be signed by two members of CRC and be returned by close of business on Wednesday 1st November 2017 in a sealed envelope addressed to the Secretary, or scanned and emailed to kayla.johnson@crcnsw.org.au. Please include a brief resume and statement as to why you would like to stand for the Board, along with your nomination form.

If there are more nominations received than positions vacant, elections will take place at our AGM.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a current CRC member to nominate for the Board.



CRC Membership Application

We encourage you to renew your membership for the current financial year as soon as possible to allow voting at the AGM, or nominating for the Board. Please note the item on the form regarding Transfer of Membership.

To return your membership form, please scan & email to info@crcnsw.org.au or post to Community Restorative Centre, PO Box 541, Broadway NSW 2007.



Ozanam Song Contest

ozanam learning centre song competition

Community Restorative Centre staff Murray Cook and Kate Pinnock (Jailbreak Radio) were recently honoured to be asked to adjudicate at the inaugural Ozanam Learning Centre talent quest in Woolloomooloo. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Music Coordinator Vlad Nestorovski 13 contestants, including three bands, were able to perform and compete for the first prize of a $300 Coles shopping voucher and similar second and third prizes. Most contestants came from homeless/disadvantaged/rehab backgrounds, and the diversity and depth of talent was great. Performers could avail themselves of the excellent musical equipment and PA supplied by the OLC.

From piano and sax solos, flamenco guitar, singer songwriters, to KISS impersonators and heavy metal, the show was run seamlessly to a full house of clients and staff. The judging was difficult because of the quality of the acts, but eventually after some deliberation first prize was awarded to singer-songwriter Space Engineer who beguiled the audience with his charm and wit, and heartfelt and masterful delivery of an original song detailing his difficult journey through life. Second prize went to a magnificent, intense solo flamenco guitar performance by Sean Bargwanna, and third prize went to the band The Battlers who sprung from the excellent music program at the Exodus Foundation in Ashfield.

Big props must go to host Clare who held the event together with verve, drollery and panache and could easily consider a future career in showbiz, and Vlad, Alarna and the rest of the Ozanam team for setting up and facilitating the smooth running of the event. It was great to be involved on behalf of CRC, as many of the participants and audience are potential clients for our Songwriting Workshops Program, which now counts OLC, Redfern Community Centre and Exodus Foundation amongst the potential places of interest, rehabilitation and learning for our target population of ex-inmates. A great afternoon was had by all, judging by all the smiling faces, and we are looking forward to involvement in more such events, such as a combined Christmas concert.


The Remains


The Remains


The Remains


The Battlers


Space Engineer
Vlad from OLC with Space Engineer


ozanam learning centre song competition