Jodine's Story


Jodine was released on Boxing Day. Release days are always stressful, but public holidays are fraught with danger as no government departments are open, banks are closed and it’s hard to get things done. CRC picked Jodine up from the prison and took her to temporary accommodation that had been arranged before release at a refuge in western Sydney.

After the holidays, CRC assisted Jodine with Centrelink, Housing and domestic violence issues. After several weeks of extending temporary accommodation, Wentworth Community Housing offered Jodine a transition unit. St Vincent De Paul assisted with household goods and Jodine was moved in. Since then she has been given a permanent unit just next door.

Jodine is doing well, studying a university subject through the Catholic University and managing her own unit. With assistance from CRC, her dental issues have been addressed, and victim’s compensation has been applied for and received in the form of counselling sessions.

Jodine has not been involved with crime since her release and is slowly integrating back into the community after 18 years of the revolving prison door. There is every reason to believe that Jodine will be able to finish a university degree and hold down a professional job in the future.