On-Site Supported Accommodation

CRC provides Accommodation Support to adult clients who have been diagnosed as having an Intellectual Disability, and, who have had contact with the criminal justice system.

The service provides support that is focused on reducing recidivism through the implementation of programs structured to support the transition from custody, maintain stable and secure accommodation, establish supportive social and community networks, support the development of independent living skills, provide advocacy to access available resources, and to maximize client centred goal achievement through case management and person centred planning activities.

Clients receive intensive support from staff who are able to work with the client to address complex needs in a supported environment. The service has a full-time Case Manager who provides intensive case management to support clients to identify individual goals, and to develop an understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities. This includes support to clients to adhere to Parole conditions through support and education to clients who may have a reduced understanding of legal processes that impact on them.

The service provides a range of support and diverse service activities that are tailored to meet the individual needs of clients, and to encourage and support the development of Independent Living Skills. The focus of support activities is largely driven by individual support needs as identified through Clients Individual Plans, but will commonly include working to address area’s that may include; communication and interpersonal skills, social skills and relationships, personal care, community access, financial management and budgeting skills, health and wellbeing, Cultural Awareness, leisure and recreation and the clients criminogenic support needs as identified by ADHC Clinicians, CRC staff members and the client.

The service delivers a structured program to clients that incorporate ADHC CJP clinical support and guidelines, and, CRC experience in supporting adult clients who have had contact with the criminal justice system.

In addition to service activities, CRC provides advocacy to clients to access community supports to address Alcohol and Other Drug Issues, Mental health Issues, Educational and Training support and Advocacy and Legal Representation.

Area Serviced: South Western Sydney

Cost of Service: Nil

Referral Required: Referrals from Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) only. Please contact ADHC Intake for further information.

Enquiries: Metro South Phone: (02) 9288 8700

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